2019.01.09 | G5: Group Activities

On December 25th, 2018, the Grade 5 students from SSBS were immersed in different but awesome activities. Everyone learnt something new while they enjoyed their time. Let's follow our reporters from six classes into the scenes!


Our class visited the Bright Dairy Factory and watched the process of milk production this morning. After the lunch, we changed our roles and learned some basic knowledge of first aid. The trainer shared with us about when to dial 120 and how to commit CPR. Everyone got the chance to improve our immediate responding ability while facing emergency. (GU Quan, Class 1)



Students from Class 2 experienced the unique excitement of handwork. Some turned themselves as potters and used clay to create different styles of Santa Claus. Some students were quite interested in weaving. They twined the hemp ropes around the colored glass bottles and turned them into creative artworks. Each piece of work showed our classmates’ brilliant ideas. (DONG Luming, Class 2)



Some people might consider that chemistry doesn’t play big parts in daily life and only relate it to science labs and experiments. Well, they are obviously wrong. Our class discovered a lot of chemistry knowledge after we paid the visit to Huntsman Chemical Research Center. Chemistry plays a big part in our life from the package of chips to air freshener. It is a subject of science and miracle! (TANG Zimo, Class 3)


Our class was looking forward to the honorable person CS and this day finally came! We bumped into the Class 6 when we arrived at the game base. Wow! After picking the water guns, we were outfitted and entered the field. Some students shot the water bullets at the enemies while their buddies covered for them. After a fierce battle, we gained the victory! (YUAN Shenghao, Class 4)



We had a fantasy trip to Baoyan World and enjoyed a fabulous afternoon there. After the lunch, we chose the slide park first. Everyone was amazed and couldn’t wait to try those giant and exciting slides. Then we moved to the water park where there were also slides but on water. I think that we made the biggest spray ever last! This trip was exhausting but absolutely worth it! (HUANG Xinnan, Class 5)



This Christmas, our class received a very special gift from our parents and teachers. Guess what? The honorable person CS! When the game began, we hid ourselves behind walls and sought chances to attack any possible enemies. Even though I was quite nervous, my bullets happened to hit several enemies. But before I could preen, I was sneak attacked by someone else. Happy hours past so fast and we had to go back to school. The air was filled with joy and laughter. (CHEN Yiqi, Class 6)



Wow! Our students all had a great and meaningful day! Let’s thank our reporters for their sharing.