2019.01.09 | G4-G9: The Flag-Raising Ceremony

During the PB class on January 8th, 2019, SSBS students from Grade 4 to Grade 9 gathered at the playground to participate a solemn flag-raising ceremony.


Two students from Grade 6 shared their thoughts on self-discipline during the ceremony. Laura from G6(1) proposed that a self-disciplinary student must have a strong will power. In order to reach high demands in study and life, we should set specific goals and resolutely achieve them step by step.


Gabe from G6(4) shared his personal story with the students. In order to ensure his learning efficiency during the day, he persists going to bed at 9 o’clock every night resisting the temptation of smartphones and his favorite books.


Self-discipline brings one freedom. The two speeches encouraged the students to improve themselves constantly and boosted the students’ morale before the finals.


The national flag slowly rising up, all the students sang the anthem firmly, with courage and confidence to accomplish their goals in the new year and to fight for the coming finals.