2018.12.26 | G6-G9: New Year Talent Show

On December 21st, G6-G9 welcomed the 2019 New Year Show. At noon, students and teachers from G6-G9 gathered at the auditorium, excitedly waiting the start of the show.


The opening show was “The Best Day Of My Life”. The performers were Abeni and Bonnie from 6 (4), as well as Frankie, Daniel, Aurora from 6(6). The instruments used are ukulele, electronic organ, drum, bass and piano. The perfect performance ignited the atmosphere of the hall and brought a perfect start.


The hosts of this show are students from Grade 6 to Grade 9. They are Siqi He from G6(3), Jianheng Ma from G6(5), Bohan Zheng from G7(2), Zihan Shen from G7(4), Qiwei Yi and Zhuoyang Xiao from G8(2), Yuncheng Wu from G9(1) and Wenxin Xia from G9(3).


The next show was a drum performance called Rusty Nail brought by Yuantian Lin from G7(2). He played the drums in a warm and happy way, and his enthusiastic show left a deep impression on everyone.


Beijing Opera is one of the cultural essences of China. Robin from G6(3) performed the Beijing Opera – The Spirit of China for us.


Students from G8 brought us a folk music dance with traditional Chinese musical instruments - Guzheng and Pipa. The performers are Yunjiayue Lai, Yihe Wang, Zhuoen Li, Yu Liu, Zishan Zhang from G8(3).


The fifth show was a duet of Chinese classical poem accompanied by Guzheng performed by Yunhan Jiang from G6(6) and Tianqing Zhu from G7(4). On hearing the familiar lyrics, the audiences all recited the poems with the performer together.


The 6th show was brought by G8(2) Zhuoyang Xiao and G8(3) Yuecheng Lu who played the accordion, which is an instrument that students cannot often see in their daily life. The first song performed by Lu is a little bit nostalgic, while the second song performed by Xiao is very enthusiastic.


The 7th show, a hip-hop dance called "Top One". The performers are Zhengji Li from 9(1), Leyao Wang and Yitong Lin from 9(2). Rhythmic and magnetic background music, coupled with the students’ gorgeous hip-hop dance steps, brought us a perfect show. Especially the boy in the last part of the dance, he completed a difficult Machine Dance that was very impressive, and he achieved a loud round of applause.


Then came the 8th show, a piano piece ‘Grande Sonata Pathetique OP.13’ played by the pianist Henry from G6(1). This is a piece written by Beethoven that contains a level of difficulty and is full of emotions. Henry ran his fingers so quickly and lightly over the keys in legato runs that everyone was intoxicated by the passionate music.


The ninth show was a group singing accompanied by the piano by students from G6(1) – Minglang Zhu, Yi Zhou, Lixiang Chen, Shujia Zhang, Hanyue Shen and Muzhen Shang. Their pure voice and the gentle melody of the song “A Million Dreams” from The Greatest Showman echoed in the hall, which brought everyone a sense of hope and courage.


The tenth show is a ballet called The Corsair performed by Wenxin Xia from G9(3). Her elegant dance steps were like a seabird flying lightly through the sea.


The eleventh show is a piece of music composed by Mozart performed by the piano and the flute. The performers are Rain from G7(3) and Steven from G7(4).


The twelfth show is a clarinet performance by Junyu Wang from G7(4) , which was accompanied by the piano performed by Xinran Shen from G6(6).


The thirteenth show is a theme music from the famous cartoon “Big Fish”. Zihan Liu and Shuchang Wang from G6(3) brought us a new version of the song.


The 14th show was a series of dance “THE SHOW”. The dancers and the singers are girls from G7 to G9. The show contained two very popular songs among youngsters, which soon ignited everyone’s interest.


Finally, the last show came. When the curtain was slowly opened, the audiences surprisingly found that their English teacher Mr. Scott was sitting behind the drum kits! The fast and passionate beats welcomed exclamations one after another. Everyone was amazed by his exquisite skills.


After his performance was a beautiful band song "Wake Me Up When September Ends" brought by G9 students. Since they are going to graduate next year, it’s their last time to perform on the stage of new year show. The Vocal and the guitarist is Yunfei Li, the keyboarder is Shengda Luo, the guitarist is Shiyi Yang, the bassist is Chenliang Huang and the drummer is Rongjia Chen.


The 2019 New Year Show ended. However, the melodies of those beautiful songs, the warm applauses and the laughter of the audiences still linger in our minds. We had a happy ending in 2018, and we wish everyone Happy New Year!