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At SSBS, we are fortunate to employ more than one hundred expat teachers from diverse, multidimensional backgrounds which enhances the instructional expertise available to our students. Varied educational backgrounds, teaching experiences, and cultures make SSBS an inclusive, complex, and exciting community.

When working and learning with people from a variety of backgrounds and cultures, students gain a more comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. It also teaches students how to use their strengths and points of view to contribute to a diverse learning and working environment.

While there are specific guidelines and curricula to follow, SSBS embraces these differences and allows teachers to highlight their unique backgrounds and experiences through their teaching styles.


We believe that investing in our teachers' professional growth is not only essential for their success but also for the overall advancement of our school community.

By empowering our teachers to enhance their skills and stay abreast of the latest educational research and best practices, we ensure they can deliver the highest quality instruction and provide nurturing environments where students can thrive.

Our school's dedication to supporting experienced professionals is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence in education.

We provide a range of resources and opportunities designed to foster continuous learning and improvement, including a mentorship program, workshops, and professional development opportunities.