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Max (Primary School Homeroom Grade Leader, 4 years at SSBS)

I have been working at Shanghai Star-River Bilingual School (SSBS) for four years now and I can wholeheartedly say that the professionalism and dedication of both the management and administrative staff have created the most gratifying environment I have ever worked in. I have always felt like I have a strong support network that extends beyond the walls of the school and this willingness to go the extra mile allows me, as a teacher, to focus on my students and give them the best education they deserve.

SSBS clearly values the importance of healthy working relationships between staff members, particularly regarding the Chinese and expat teachers. Cultural differences are often embraced and celebrated, which builds tight bonds and creates a happy workplace both for the staff themselves and subsequently, the students.

At SSBS, I feel like my well-being and opinion truly matters, allowing me to be the best teacher I can be. Monday mornings have never felt so good.


Amber (Middle School English Language Arts, 1 year at SSBS)

Shanghai Star-River Bilingual School is a very supportive and nurturing environment for all staff, especially new teachers. There is an abundance of support not only from fellow teachers but from admin and Chinese teachers as well. Everyone is always willing to help, and you can always find someone to show you the ropes.

Star-River is not just a place for learning, but for a connection between the staff to the students. It is dedicated to creating an atmosphere of support and growth. The administration and faculty members were not only knowledgeable and highly skilled professionals but also incredibly approachable and supportive mentors especially Bobby and Stacie.

The supportive workplace culture, driven by the administration, faculty, and students, has made it a place where everyone can thrive. The collective dedication to growth, collaboration, and fostering a nurturing environment has created a place of support and encouragement. I am grateful to be a part of the SBSS community and look forward to the continued growth and success that lies ahead.


AC (Head of High School, 11 years at SSBS)

The high school's "Two Tracks, One Team" approach emphasizes cooperation and mutual respect to ensure success. Every member of our teaching staff contributes, regardless of their background. This structure accelerates academic growth and gives our students life and cross-cultural skills, preparing them for success in some of the best universities around the world. Though many factors contribute to our high school's success story, none are as vital as this collaboration and unity with the expat and local staff. We have a structured approach that ensures a seamless transition from foundational learning to advanced, college-level coursework, allowing our students to thrive academically. Within our English department, expatriate staff members bring expertise to our literature classes, which are structured in three progressive levels. Students advance to intermediate levels from foundational literature classes, culminating in AP Literature. Simultaneously, our language arts curriculum, handled by our local staff, follows a similar trajectory; beginning with basic language skills, students progress through intermediate levels, ultimately reaching AP Language Arts.