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Our faculty possess strong educational and academic backgrounds, with over 90% of Chinese teachers holding master's degrees or higher and nearly half having studied abroad. Among them are graduates from Peking University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Jiao Tong University, Harvard, Cambridge, Columbia University, Imperial College London, and other renowned domestic and international institutions. We have over 100 international teachers, graduates from top-tier universities like Columbia, UPenn, USC, and the University of Toronto, with over half having more than 7 years of teaching experience. Core teachers of each subject are qualified to teach high-level international courses, well-versed in AP course teaching, and possess solid professional knowledge and teaching capabilities. Currently, our school has more than 30 AP examiners certified by the College Board. Through deep integration and seamless transition between Chinese and international teachers across grades and phases, we ensure a high level of educational quality.

All our teachers adhere to the “ students first ” principle, providing top-notch educational services to students and parents. Additionally, Shanghai International Curriculum Research Institute offers comprehensive teaching guidance and support across all subjects.