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2018.11.21 | Prof. Geraint Lewis at the University of Sydney visited SSBS


On November 20th, Prof. Geraint Lewis, a physics professor at the University of Sydney (US), visited Shanghai Starriver Bilingual School (SSBS). Prof. Geraint Lewis is an astrophysicist, researching dark matter in the universe. He joined in the physics class, met with the superintendent, Mr.Shengchang Tang and had an in-depth exchange with students.



Having participated in a Pre-AP physics class of the 10th grade, Prof. Lewis introduced students his research on dark energy and matter at Uni Sydney. He showed the distribution of cosmic matter drawn by NASA and the sparseness or tightness of the objects distribution caused by gravitation. Prof. Lewis then explained in detail the origin of the universe and the Big Bang and briefly mentioned the formula for the expansion rate of the universe. On top of this, Prof. Lewis also shared his latest research results with the students. He mapped and measured the dynamics of galaxies in the universe through supercomputers, emphasizing the importance of computer science in astronomical research. At the end of the lecture, he told students that modern physics is still studying the existence of dark matter and dark energy. Perhaps in the future research, the laws of dark matter and dark energy will subvert the physics laws current known. He encouraged students to remain curious about everything and think constantly about the truth of the universe.



Prof. Lewis accepted the students interview inquiry from Phil He and Jack Lv after the meeting with Mr Shengchang Tang, the superintendent of SSBS. In the interview, he mainly answered questions about the learning attitude and career path for physics with some upper and frontier knowledge. Professor had repeatedly stressed that students should build comprehensive skills in the process of learning physics. A strong foundation in physics and mathematics with a thorough understanding of computational physics is essentially important for students to dig deeper and find jobs in the field of physics. In addition, he also clarified the difference between education in high school and university education: high school plays an important role in guiding students while students need to be more independent and self-motivated at the university, which is the basic quality students need to possess. Finally, Prof. Lewis discussed the gradually grown importance of artificial intelligence in physics. With the bell rang, the interview ended perfectly.



In the course of visiting Prof. Lewis, students witnessed the latest research results and learned the methodology of the physics -- grasping knowledge comprehensively, thinking independently, and having a positive attitude. The visit of Prof. Lewis brought encouragement and inspiration to SSBS students.


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